March 12, 2002

Statement of New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial, President, U.S. Conference of Mayors, on New Threat Advisory System

"In October, the nation's mayors asked Governor Ridge to provide local officials and the American people more information about potential threats and clearer signals about the level of threat we face at any given time.

  • Memo from the Executive Director
  • Threat Advisory System (Illustrated)
  • Presidential Directive
  • "The new threat advisory system he announced today is an appropriate response to that request and an important step forward. The more mayors know about potential threats, the better cities can prepare and respond.

    "We were pleased to be briefed by Governor Ridge on the new threat advisory system last week. And we are grateful that he has decided to solicit comments from local officials, seeking ways to improve this new system and the exchange of information. The Conference will submit a detailed response, which will be prepared under the leadership of our Federal-Local Law Enforcement Task Force, chaired by Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley, Reno Mayor Jeff Griffin, and Gary (Ind.) Mayor Scott King."

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