77th Annual Meeting


WHEREAS, mayors from cities across the nation met in Los Angeles September 23 and 24 to develop an action agenda on poverty to present to the next President of the United States; and

WHEREAS, the Los Angeles meeting culminated two years of work by the Conference of Mayors Task Force on Poverty, Work and Opportunity on this national action agenda on poverty; and

WHEREAS, this national action agenda includes a series of findings and recommendations that can be accomplished through executive orders and administrative actions that would have an immediate impact on crime and violence in cities,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that The United States Conference of Mayors adopts as its policy the executive orders and administrative actions called for by the mayors in the National Action Agenda on Poverty:

  • The Administration should create a cabinet-level position to direct, coordinate and promote poverty reduction programs across federal executive agencies and departments with special emphasis on universal pre-K education and universal health care. Responsibilities of this position would include; and

  • Developing a new federal poverty measure based on the research recommendations of the National Academy of Sciences; this calls for the measure to account for the effect of tax liabilities and credits along with the cash value of in-kind benefits such as Food Stamps and housing subsidies; and

  • Ensuring that the poor and economically challenged are fully accounted for in the Census, to guarantee the success of anti-poverty programs; and

  • Increasing community-wide awareness and utilization of existing tax credits and programs that benefit the working poor, including Food Stamps and housing tax credits, and increasing opportunities for financial literacy education and asset building; and

  • The Administration should appoint to departmental and agency positions key policy-makers with expertise on local poverty issues who can help develop a comprehensive national anti-poverty strategy.