77th Annual Meeting


WHEREAS, more than 50 mayors and infrastructure leaders from across the nation met at The U.S. Conference of Mayors' Action Forum on Infrastructure in New York City August 13-14, 2008, to develop an action agenda for a renewed commitment to America's infrastructure; and

WHEREAS, following that meeting a working group of mayors drafted a national action agenda on infrastructure; and

WHEREAS, that national action agenda includes a series of findings and recommendations for a new stronger relationship between the nation's mayors and the federal government to ensure that we update the country's antiquated infrastructure in ways that will keep us economically competitive, and do so in ways that are climate and energy centered; and

WHEREAS, the mayors and other leaders found that:

  • Federal energy policies need to be reformed and redirected to increase the availability of renewable energy supplies to help cities and metropolitan areas find new ways to power their economies, especially transportation and water systems;

  • Such actions are especially crucial to mayors as they seek new and innovative ways to reduce the nation's dependence on foreign oil, curb greenhouse gas emissions, and promote green jobs and green technologies;

  • To date, there has been limited discussion or consideration of federal actions that can help connect renewable energy supplies to our nation's infrastructure systems and networks;

  • Today, the amount of gasoline consumed in our transportation sector is about what the U.S. imports;

  • There are numerous cities and regions that are planning significant increases in their transit capacities;

  • If these streetcar, bus or light rail systems use electricity to power the vehicles, renewable energy supplies can be used to directly substitute for imported oil;

  • There are other examples as well where renewable energy supplies could power infrastructure systems or directly substitute for carbon-based fuels in the delivery or operation of these systems; and

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that The U. S. Conference of Mayors adopts as its policy the investments called for by the mayors in the National Action Agenda on Infrastructure to renew and strengthen the federal commitment to the nation's Energy and Infrastructure needs:

  • Reduce America's dependency on oil in the transportation sector through the broader utilization of electricity in the transportation sector;

  • Adopt national portfolio standards requiring utilities to use wind power, solar, geothermal and other renewable power supplies for a share of their generating capacity;

  • Diversify America's energy supplies to promote a broad range of energy sources, including but not limited to wind, solar, biomass, nuclear, landfill gas and waste-to-energy;

  • Revamp existing federal rules to expedite the development of a new corridor designation process that supports the transmission of renewable energy supplies;

  • Promote the development of new transmission lines and other facilities to provide access to renewable energy supplies, including strategies that promote the use of wind and other renewable energy supplies in powering city and metropolitan infrastructure systems;

  • Fund research and enact incentives to increase energy storage and production facilities at the user level, promote smart grid policies, and incentivize through pricing the use of renewable energy supplies;

  • Renew and extend for longer time federal tax credits for wind power and other renewable power supplies.