77th Annual Meeting


WHEREAS, America's young people are falling behind in today's global economic marketplace, not fully prepared to succeed in a competitive workforce, to safeguard our democracy nor repair our environment; and

WHEREAS, our education system must both build knowledge as well as foster creativity, innovation, and critical thinking; and

WHEREAS, quality after-school opportunities are proven to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork by providing life-shaping enrichments; and

WHEREAS, aligning school-day and after-school learning is critical to provide the best learning environment possible for students from the moment they wake until they go to bed; and

WHEREAS, improved coordination of libraries, recreation and parks departments, police, community centers, and youth serving organizations with schools through a strategic planning process will achieve greater accountability toward full healthy development of youth,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that The United States Conference of Mayors calls for federal, state and local levels of government to invest in coordinated full day learning strategies that incorporate academic, social, emotional and physical activities to ensure the well-rounded and healthy development of youth by:

  • Working with education administrators and local education agencies to integrate community after-school programs and organizations into the school day; and

  • Creating funding opportunities for building city-wide after-school initiatives so all K-12 students can learn from aligned after-school experiences; and

  • Providing support and incentives for professional development training for school and after-school staff and paraprofessionals of schools and after-schools; and

  • Encouraging the development and use of assessments to ensure accountability for high quality programming and to identify additional supports to achieve measurable outcomes for youth; and

  • Investing in intermediaries and public/private partnerships to serve as coordinating entities to promote broad leadership support and ensure efficiency and high quality services; and

  • Coordinating multiple use of public and private facilities that serve youth to increase participation and access to quality program opportunities.