80th Annual Meeting

WHEREAS, we mayors believe that every resident should have access to, and be able to afford, fresh and healthy food in the neighborhoods where they live, and

WHEREAS, a food revolution is taking place in America’s cities with the expansion of farmers markets, urban agriculture, food trucks, food incubators and supermarkets; the reform of school food menus and the launch of anti-obesity campaigns;

WHEREAS, despite these initiatives, there remains much to do in the areas of fresh food availability, affordability and education, particularly in our inner-cities and with our young people; and

WHEREAS, mayors across the country have convened Food Policy Councils to develop partnerships among the private sector, non-profits, advocates and foundations to advance healthy food agendas in our cities; and

WHEREAS, mayors across the country have taken an active role in advocating for a Farm Bill that is also a “Healthy Food” bill for the people who live and work in our cities; and

WHEREAS, many mayors across the country participated in the first “Food Day” last October, helping to educate their constituents about the need to eat healthy and buy local; and

WHEREAS, mayors are committed to building healthy food partnerships that go beyond our borders, with regional farmers and producers; with environmental advocates and with health care providers;

NOW, THEREFORE be it resolved the United States Conference of Mayors endorses the proclamation of October 24, 2012 as “Food Day” and urges all mayors to take part in related events on that day;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the United States Conference of Mayors calls on public policy makers at all levels to promote healthy eating and meal preparation, to end hunger and obesity and to create a range of job producing food enterprises in our cities, from food trucks to restaurants; from greenhouses to "green" markets and from regional distribution networks to "local" purchasing by businesses and institutions.  Let's practice the principals of “Food Day” every day throughout our cities.