80th Annual Meeting

WHEREAS, The U.S. Conference of Mayors recognizes that the treatment of nuclear waste is a regional and national issue that requires the collaboration of all levels of government to develop practical and safe solutions; and

WHEREAS, nuclear waste treatment sites across the U.S. currently have documented leakage of strontium-90, tritium, uranium, and technetium-99 among other toxic pollutants into groundwater; and

WHEREAS, there are already many barriers to quickly and adequately clean up the existing nuclear waste at current nuclear waste treatment sites, it is unacceptable to consider importing additional waste from other sites; and

WHEREAS, future receipt of off-site waste at these sites are projected to have significant adverse long-term impacts on the groundwater, which ultimately impact other bodies of water; and

WHEREAS, transporting low, high and mixed level radioactive materials across the nation on major interstates, highways and railways will expose countless communities across the country to hazardous radiation; and

WHEREAS, a study by The U.S. Department of Energy several years ago estimated that over 800 adults would die from cancer due to radiation emitted from the trucks in the Northwest region alone; and

WHEREAS, a truck or railway accident or terrorist attack involving transported low, high and mixed level nuclear waste would render entire cities and surrounding areas uninhabitable; and

WHEREAS, in the event of a radiological emergency in or near a city, significant impacts could create a financial burden of millions of dollars to the emergency management agencies charged with protecting the health, safety, welfare of its citizens and visitors; and

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that The U.S. Conference of Mayors calls on The U.S. Department of Energy to focus on the treatment and storage of radioactive waste on-site, which is the best opportunity for our communities to avoid further health and environmental impacts from waste, produced from other regional, decommissioned nuclear facilities.