80th Annual Meeting

WHEREAS, all harbors are important components of, and contributors to, the quality of life, and are economic drivers in the communities in which they are located,  and are important compondents of the Great Lakes transportation infrastructure; and

WHEREAS, the Harbor,  located at Waukegan, Illinois and similar facilities in communities across the Great Lakes,  are crucial to the viability of businesses devoted to recreational boating, and

WHEREAS, the maintenance of the federally designated Harbor of Safe Refuge in Waukegan is crucial in allowing for safe haven  during violent weather or mechanical failure for all  ships and recreational boats; and

WHEREAS, the maintenance of the egress and ingress by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to such facilities is crucial to the industrial facilities located in Waukegan Harbor because these industries rely on the shipping of their raw materials across the Great Lakes, and

WHEREAS, the failure to maintain access to the harbor in Waukegan, and others of similar characteristics across the Great Lakes, will force industries which  rely on shipping to obtain their raw materials to instead rely on the conveyance of said raw materials and finished products via over the road trucking, and

WHEREAS, such changes in the methods of material movement will put an unreasonably heavy burden on the secondary roads and bridges within Waukegan and other cities, and will lead to the increased costs of road and bridge repair being born solely by the community; and

WHEREAS, commercial shipping has a smaller carbon footprint than commercial over-the-road trucking and, therefore, has fewer negative impacts on the environment, and

WHEREAS, all activities related to ports, whether commercial or recreational, are important economic development drivers and help create and retain jobs, and

WHEREAS, harbor maintenance and dredging projects must receive equal priority for federal funding just as airports, roads and rails as they are amenities that benefit our nation,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Cities of Waukegan (and additional supporting communities) supports passage of the RAMP Act and other mechanisms which will ensure the continuity of operations for harbors, specifically those on the Great Lakes, and encourages Congress to ensure that monies collected by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for shipping fees be used for maintenance and improvements to Great Lakes harbors, particularly those of small and medium size.