80th Annual Meeting

WHEREAS, travel and tourism supports 14.4 million jobs across the nation and generated $1.9 trillion in economic output for the U.S. economy in 2011;and

WHEREAS, each day in the United States, roughly two million people travel by air; and

WHEREAS, implementing a key component of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) intelligence-driven, risk-based approach to security, TSA Pre enhances aviation security by placing more focus on pre-screening individuals who volunteer to participate in order to expedite the travel experience; and

WHEREAS, Pre  has now screened over 1 million passengers,

NOW,  THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the U.S. Conference of Mayors applauds the Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration for its intelligence-driven, risk-based approach to security and expanding Pre  to an additional 28 airports in 2012;  

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the U.S. Conference of Mayors supports expanding enrollment opportunities in Pre to make the program accessible to more Americans, which will improve the efficiency of security screening and increase travel.