81st Annual Meeting: June 21-24, 2013 in Las Vegas


††††††††††† WHEREAS, National Parks are the touchstones of our shared history and culture, conveying majestic landscapes that embody the American spirit; and

††††††††††† WHEREAS, National Parks span geographic region, ethnic background, age, economic circumstance, and political persuasion; and

††††††††††† WHEREAS, National Parks serve as anchors to greater urban park systems, and contribute to the physical and aesthetic quality of urban neighborhoods; and

††††††††††† WHEREAS, National Parks are valuable contributors to job opportunities, youth development, public health, and community building; and

††††††††††† WHEREAS, National Parks are economic engines critical to supporting residential, commercial, and community development activities in cities across America; and

††††††††††† WHEREAS, National Parks provide affordable, safe, and inspiring places for people to play, exercise, and relax; and

††††††††††† WHEREAS, every dollar invested in National Park operations generates $10 for local economies and every two Parks Service jobs yield one job outside the park; and

††††††††††† WHEREAS, National Parks draw international tourists to our cities, and 8 of the top 25 tourist destinations in America are national park units; and

††††††††††† WHEREAS, the National Park Service budget has been cut by 22% over the last three years and parks could see ongoing cuts for the foreseeable future; and

††††††††††† WHEREAS, 92 percent of voters think that federal spending on National Parks should be increased or be kept the same; and

††††††††††† WHEREAS, the nation will mark the 100th anniversary of the creation of the modern National Park System in 2016; and

††††††††††† WHEREAS, since 1916, our park system has grown to include not only the most splendid examples of Americaís unsurpassed natural and scenic heritage, but also the special places, artifacts, and stories of our nationís birth, our struggles and triumphs as a people, and the shared values that unite us; and

††††††††††† WHEREAS, National Parks are one of the few things on which overwhelming majorities of the American people agree,

††††††††††† NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that The United States Conference of Mayors supports efforts to connect new and diverse constituents to national parks and protect the land and resources that surround national parks, and affirms its support for preserving the economic stability of our communities by protecting National Park budgets from further cuts.

††††††††††† Projected Cost: Federal funding to be determined by the Fiscal Year 2014 budget process.