2015 Adopted Resolution

The U.S. Conference of Mayors
83rd Annual Meeting
June 19-22, 2015
San Francisco

Creating Healthy Pet Communities

WHEREAS, our nation?s mayors are committed to providing the highest quality of life to their respective citizenry; and

WHEREAS, a key element in a community?s quality of life can be measured by its humane treatment of companion animals as evidenced by the fact that approximately 68% of all U.S. households have pets; and

WHEREAS, creating Healthy Pet Communities positively impacts the humane treatment of companion animals; and

WHEREAS, actions can be taken by municipalities to create Healthy Pet Communities; and

WHEREAS, these actions include (but are not limited to): Raise awareness of alternative approaches for reducing animal homelessness through incentivized licensing and spay/neuter programs; Working to promote local ordinances for both dogs and cats featuring differential licensing fees for sterilized animals; Promoting low-cost spay/neuter programs for low-income pet owners via outlets such as local cable television, community newspapers, newsletters, websites and other media as appropriate; Working to help reunite lost pets with their families by creating and/or promoting resources to find lost pets including links to both city sites and local shelters; Promoting easy access to license information when a lost pet is found; Taking an active role in enforcing local and statewide animal laws and ordinances; Prosecuting accused perpetrators of crimes against animals to the fullest extent permitted by law; Encouraging public education on animal issues; Promoting adoption as the primary preferred source of companion animals; Partnering with local shelters to provide local cable channel programming regarding appropriate pet care; Encouraging "partner pages" on city websites that link the community to local shelters and other useful services/resources for animals; Working with local shelter groups to post and publish annual statistics regarding how the community is doing with regard to caring for community animals; Encouraging a "safe haven sheltering facility" for the community?s lost or surrendered companion animals either by contract or directly; Promoting the adoption of shelter animals.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that The United States Conference of Mayors urges its members to collaborate and construct sustainable relationships between animal welfare organizations and the public; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, In so doing all parties resolve to observe a level of discourse that is both civil and constructive, seeking to not only identify issues but find practical solutions to these issues; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that members become Healthy Pet Communities by adopting the above action steps. --

Projected Cost: Unknown