The United States Conference of Mayors℠ (USCM) and Great-West Financial® Revolutionary Public Sector Retirement Program

The United States Conference of Mayors Deferred Compensation Program (Program) selected Great-West Financial as the provider of administrative, record-keeping and education services for the Program. We selected Great-West Financial based upon an extensive, qualitative review of benefits, cost structures, product offerings, and supporting services in this market.

Under our Program, with Great-West Financial as our service provider, you and your employees will see these benefits:

  • Elimination of administrative fees, meaning more of your employees’ dollars will go toward their retirement savings (and not toward fees)
  • Enhanced education services and communications materials for your employees, including face-to-face and online seminars
  • An expanded lineup of quality investment options, including exciting target date funds and a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit
  • New account management tools available 24/7 through the Program’s new website and an automated voice response system
  • Fiduciary Support – The Program offers plan sponsor training about fiduciary matters and legislative updates both in person and by Web. The Program also includes the offering of plan documents, investment policy statements, outsourcing services, and a new fiduciary warranty provided by Great-West Financial.

This partnership is committed to providing you with the innovative tools and services needed to serve your employees and their beneficiaries up to and through retirement.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at 1-888-303-USCM (8726) or click here to visit the website at