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Mayors Water Council
Mayors Water Council | Legislation & Programs

The primary purpose of The Mayors Water Council (MWC) is to assist local governments in providing high quality water resources in a cost effective manner. The MWC provides a forum for local governments to share information on water technology, management methods, operational experience, and financing of infrastructure development. The MWC will monitor and respond, as appropriate, to federal legislative, regulatory or policy proposals affecting the delivery of municipal water services. The MWC will also provide a forum to assist local government in exploring competition and public-private partnership approaches, and alternative methods of financing water infrastructure development.

The Mayors Water Council (MWC) officially commenced operations within the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) on August 1, 1995. The MWC began its first program year with an August 4, 1994 forum held in Washington, DC. At the forum, Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner noted that the federal government will not be able to meet the future water development financing needs of cities. Therefore, local governments must seek public/private partnerships to finance future water development projects.

Participation in the Mayors Water Council is open to all mayors, and functions like a USCM task force.

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