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Ø       Water Infrastructure and Conservation Issues Discussed at Urban Water Summit

Ø       EPA and the Water Industry Brief Mayors on Water System Security Efforts

Ø       EPA Promotes Environmental Management System Partnerships

Ø       Waco's Royal Flush — Watershed Issues For Local Government

Ø       Sugar Land Mayor Wallace Testifies on Aging Water Infrastructure

Ø      University of Connecticut Partners with NOAA, Offers Environmental Information for Local Governments


  • Special Urban Water Supplement in U.S. Mayor, April 12, 2004

Ø        Sugar Land (TX) Hosts Urban Water Council's Municipal Seminar on Water Partnerships

Ø       House Majority Leader Tom DeLay Addresses Urban Water Council

Ø       Successful Strategies to Protect a Threatened Lake

Ø      Water Reuse and Desalination Draw Wide Attention At Urban Water Council Regional Seminar

Ø       Mayors Meet in Washington to Develop Strategies on Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation 

Ø       U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Chief Flowers Addresses Mayors of the Urban Water Council


Ø       Mayor Ethridge Calls for Mayors to Champion Water Issues' Describes “Un-Mandated Funding” Phenomenon

Ø        Mayors Discuss Water Policy and Stockton's New Water Partnership in Denver


  • Special Urban Water Supplement in U.S. Mayor, February 3, 2003

Ø       NOAA Addresses Urban Water Council on Community Environmental Programs

Ø       Urban Water Council Meets to Discuss Public/Private Partnerships



  • Report from the Regional Seminar on Watershed and Water Resources Municipal Partnerships, Waco, TX, 2002

Ø       Urban Water Council: Congressman Chet Edwards Addresses Mayors in Waco

Ø        Urban Water Council: Mayors Meet in Waco to Discuss Watershed Protection and Animal Waste

Ø        Urban Water Council: Palmer's Water Primer: The Major Stress Factors on Water Supply/Quality

Ø       Urban Water Council: Water Development Advisory Board Describes Public-Private Partnership Role in Watershed Solutions

Ø      Urban Water Council: Waco Mayor Ethridge, Congressman Edwards, and Corps of Engineers Celebrate Groundbreaking of Wetland Research and Education Center


  • 2002 Urban Water Summit Report

Ø        Urban Water Summit: Mayors Meet in Miami Beach to Discuss Water Security

Ø        Urban Water Summit: Mayors Discuss Water Infrastructure Asset Management

Ø        Urban Water Summit: Session on Watershed Management Focuses on Solutions

Ø        Urban Water Summit: Urban Water Seminar

Ø       Urban Water Summit: Water Partnerships Reviewed by Mayors



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