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Thune Concealed Gun Amendment Defeated in Senate
Mayors Across Country Urged Senators to Vote "No"

By Laura DeKoven Waxman
July 27, 2009

In a victory for public safety and state and local laws, the Senate voted down the Thune amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act for FY2010 on July 22. The amendment would have overridden state and local laws by mandating that states allow the carrying of loaded concealed weapons by anyone permitted to carry concealed weapons in another state, even if that person is barred from possessing guns under the law of the state in which they wish to carry.

The vote was 58 for the amendment; 39 against. Sixty votes were required for passage.

Mayors across the nation spoke out against the Thune amendment and urged their senators to vote against it. Both Mayors Against Illegal Guns and The U.S. Conference of Mayors sent strong letters to Congress registering their opposition to it. In a July 21 letter to Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin (IL), Conference President Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels said the Thune amendment “would jeopardize the safety of our communities and residents and preempt current state and local laws.”

Nickels issued a statement July 20 about the Thune amendment and the spate of other amendments being pushed by the gun lobby that will make it easier for criminals and others who shouldn't have access to guns to acquire them and use them.