Purpose of the Workforce Development Council

The United States Conference of Mayors takes the lead in calling national attention to the problems and potential of urban America, particularly in areas relating to employment and training and workforce development such as: job development, out-of-school youth, year-round youth training including summer jobs, adult training, dislocated workers, welfare reform, welfare-to-work, foreign workers affected by H-1B visas, labor shortages, basic education and GED, and related economic issues.

The Conference staff provides its membership with the highest quality representation available within the Washington community, including both on Capitol Hill and in the U.S. Department of Labor.

The Conference of Mayors Workforce Development Council also provides a forum for mayors and their representatives to examine all workforce development issues and to strengthen the ability of cities to meet the needs of their citizens, particularly economically disadvantaged individuals with serious skill deficiencies, dislocated workers, and others with special barriers to employment, especially at-risk and out-of-school youth. Its major goals are:

  • To provide information for mayors and their employment and training administrators on all workforce issues;
  • To provide technical assistance;
  • To assist mayors in their roles as key players in workforce programs;
  • To develop in-depth policy recommendations for mayors; and
  • To support the Workforce Investment Act and other legislation supporting worker training.

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