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Partnership for Working Families
Partnership for Working Families

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"The EITC is designed to put more money in the pockets of hard working people."
- Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino
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  • National Action Agenda on Poverty For The Next President of The United States

    Mayors from cities across the nation met in Los Angeles September 23-24, 2008 to develop an action agenda on poverty to present to the next President of the United States. The meeting culminated two years of work by the mayors on this national action agenda on poverty. This agenda provides the next President with specific recommendations and actionable strategies for a new and stronger relationship with the nation’s cities-- a federal-local partnership to assure the development of adequate anti-poverty strategies and common sense ways in which federal and local authorities can work together to secure a brighter future for children. Because implementing most of these recommendations would require the adoption of new legislation, it also proposes important executive and administrative actions on poverty that the next President could take immediately upon assuming office.

    Annie E. Casey Foundation Family Economic Success Newsletter & Reports

    The Annie E. Casey Foundation brings you this Family Economic Success (FES) Newsletter. On a quarterly basis, the newsletter provides updates on activities, developments and resources in the three major strategy areas of FES - workforce development, family economic support and community investment. Additionally, it provides reports such as American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: A Guide to Entry-Level Jobs and Training and Education Opportunities for Making Connections Communities and Issue Brief: Reduce Poverty and Promote Opportunity.

    Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

    The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a federal anti-poverty tax credit that supplements the earnings of low income working individuals and families by reducing or eliminating their taxes. Millions of American families who are eligible for the EITC do not receive it, leaving billions of additional tax credit dollars unclaimed. For more information please visit the following sites:

    Internal Revenue Service (IRS) -- Information is provided on the site for individuals, tax professionals, employers, and partners. It also includes links to additional publication and tools, such as forms and schedules.

    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities -- Information, reports, and updates on EITC. Features outreach tools for marketing such as toolkits and factsheets.

    Corporate Voices for Working Families -- A leading national business membership organization representing the private sector on public policy issues involving working families aimed at improving the lives of working families and the competitiveness of American businesses. It features the EITC Employer Toolkit, which includes information about EITC.

    The U.S. Conference of Mayors -- Produced the report DollarWi$e Best Practices -- Earned Income Tax Credits. It highlights best practices across the nation including such cities as Irvine (CA), Wilmington (DE), Lewiston (ME) and Louisville (KY).


    A principal public policy research organization that develops and advocates for policies to improve the lives of low-income families and children at all government levels; particularly focused on strengthening families, and producing pathways to education and careers.

    Brookings Institute

    A leading nonprofit public policy organization that provides innovative, practical recommendations to advance three broad goals: 1) strengthen American democracy, 2) foster the economic and social welfare, security and opportunity of all Americans, and 3) secure a more open, safe, prosperous and cooperative international system.

    Aspen Institute

    Provides seminars, policy programs, and events that foster value based-leadership and a venue for discussing and acting on such critical issues as poverty, economic development, and community development. Here, you can find event schedules and publications related to FES efforts.

    National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP)

    One of the nation’s leading public policy centers dedicated to promoting the economic security, health, and well-being of America’s low-income families and children. NCCP uses research to inform policy and practice with the goal of ensuring positive outcomes for the next generation. It promotes family-oriented solutions at the state and national levels.

    U.S. Department of Labor

    Here you can find updated reports and statistics related to unemployment trends provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    For information about the USCM/Casey Foundation Partnership for Working Families program, please contact:

    Kathy Amoroso
    Assistant Executive Director
    U.S. Conference of Mayors
    1620 I St., NW, 4th Floor
    Washington, DC 20006
    (202) 861-6723 (w)
    (202) 293-2352 (f)

    Juliette Jardim
    Staff Associate
    U.S. Conference of Mayors
    1620 I St., NW, 4th Floor
    Washington, DC 20006
    (202) 861-6715 (w)
    (202) 293-2352 (f)